360 Degree Flawless Image “AiP-A54A (Austria)”
Leading 360-degree IP Camera

Acumen Int. Corp. announced a new indoor IP Fish eye camera: AiP-A54A (Austria). In order to facilitate the installation and meet the customers requirement to monitor simultaneously for the whole room without a "blind" spot, our engineer design a 360-degree panoramic view to satisfy the needs for vast majority indoor project.

AiP-A54A (Austria) can present in different resolution and 4 types of video streaming. Furthermore, it can be encoded and compressed by two types of codecs - H.264 high-performance and high-quality M-JPEG.


Therefore, if the project needs to lower the transmission speed and want more disk space, the user can use H.264. However, if the customer wants high quality image, user can simply switch to motion JPEG format. 


With High-sensitivity CMOS image sensor and Moonlight function plus minimum illumination of 0.7 lux, which allows AiP-A54A (Austria) can be viewed in color in the dark environment.  AiP-A54A (Austria) also equipped 2D wide dynamic range (WDR), therefore when there is not enough light, AiP-A54A (Austria) can still produce high resolution image.  With the High-sensitivity CMOS image sensor AiP-A54A (Austria) can pan and zoom, electronically without any mechanical parts that could reduce the overall reliability of the product.




Once the AiP-A54A (Austria) is installed, customer can simply viewed in almost all types of display devices - from tablet to mobile phone with IOS and android platform. To insure compatibility with other products, Acumen Int. Corp. manufactures and designs the products according to ONVIF v2.0 (Profile S) standards. This allows system integrator can easily integrate into other products.



With Acumen AiP-A54A (Austria), it can viewed 360 degree panoramic view, which are suitable for any environment and project without a "blind" spot. For example, library, bank, department stores and shopping center…etc. these environments are conquered by AiP-A54A (Austria).