Acumen’s Monaco Protecting Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
Taoyuan Airport Security

Acumen is proud and honor to serve Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

Taoyuan International Airport applies Acumen all-weather IP cameras AiP- M53N (Monaco).


The major order, gives Acumen a chance to demonstrate our international standards equipment and expertise on these solutions. Since Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport are rank 13th in the world in air transportation. The reason Acumen is chosen for this particular task is because our AiP- line has full and complete lineup of IP cameras with infrared, compares to other huge manufacturers. As Acumen have more than 20 different models that are IP cameras with infrared for customer to select from.


Initially, many customers prefer using analog camera, however once they saw AiP-M53N (Monaco) they were amazed and excited what Monaco able to operate. This motivates Acumen strongly recommends Aip camera since it’s a successfully transition from manufacturing analog camera to IP camera.  For all this decades, Acumen was known brilliant in all-weather cameras, which includes AiP-M53N (Monaco). AiP-M53N (Monaco) has 40m infrared range with digital zoom ePTZ and the retail price range is equivalent to traditional analog camera. Therefore, once they saw Monaco, many analog users switch and start using Acumen’s IP camera. With the function of ePTZ, and the connection of AiP touch NVR (4-channel AiP- Q4U Qatar) user can zoom in and out of an image just like operating on smartphone. Also not to mention the multi- channel viewing on Andriod or iphone interface.


Taoyuan International Airport applies Acumen all-weather IP cameras AiP- M53N (Monaco)


Acumen AiP slogan “The meaning of life as being unique”, best describes our Ai-developers desperately and consistently effort to implement this vision in this model, which produces magnificent image with a 5-Megapixel image sensor Aptina. Also with 1080P AiP-M53N (Monaco),it is economically efficient, and saves the cost of running extra hard disk since it is already provided with PoE and moonlight function. Moonlight function and advanced H.264 format., it can generate colorful image when there are insufficient light occurs (0.03 lux), which allows user to store onto hard drive 2-3 times greater volume than some of the greatest international competitors.


An important concern of selecting Acumen’s camera for such large projects, as AiP-M53N (Monaco) contains 3D noise reduction function and 3-streaming video which plays an important role in competition, and lightens the network’s burden. Thus enables to build a massive system on a national scale from thousands to an unlimited number of cameras. At the same time, customer mentioned, they have notice that it is easy to connect the cameras to AiP system. It only takes a couple of minutes to connect 16 Monaco cameras to touch NVR (AiP-N6U Nauru) by using the function of IP address auto setting. Furthermore, it’s economically efficient as it can connect up to 108 Monaco cameras to the server software AiM-2 absolutely for free. All this wonderful advantage also supports largest Taiwanese China Airlines and EVA AIR to upgrade their base facility.


AiP-M53N (Monaco) are flexible on dealing with large projects, since it’s easy and user friendly for user to switch the frame rate from 30 to 15 per second, and this improved resolution from 2 to 5 megapixels.  The positive review of All-weather cameras AiP line from customer, Acumen decided to produce more series of infrared all- weather cameras like AiP-L24N (Lebanon) to AiP-J34F (Japan) with IR illumination range up to 160m. If necessary, with infrared all- weather cameras it can strengthen IR illumination up to 250 m, using infrared illuminators such as Ai-G250 (Germany).


AiP-M53N (Monaco)’s stable quality, with magnificent picture quality and economical price which influence Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to fully upgrading to Acumen’s AiP products. The entire traditional analog cameras that were equipped in the Airport can connect to Acumen’s encoders AiP-E1H to our AiP-AIM108 server for future expansion. The main task is to tract the movement of the luggage throughout the entire Aiport with the information of each passenger. In order to fulfill this task, Acumen implements the camera AiP-L24N (Lithuania) and AiP-M24N (Mali). Once the passenger checks in, Lithuania and Mali reads of the barcode and make a screenshot of each unit of luggage in 1080p. Afterwards when the luggage are being rescanned or pass through each stage in the airport, Lithuania and Mali will re-reads the barcode with a screenshot of the luggage to locate and make sure the luggage status. This process will operate until the luggages are loaded onto the plans with a final scan and screenshot by Lithuania and Mali. This practical solution works the same as our past experience with logistic 7-eleven but this time Acumen implemented onto Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. For more information on logistic 7-eleven, please refer to the news of “How Acumen impact on largest logistics 7-ELEVEN in Taiwan”. With our intelligent analysis AIM software, it is able to retrieve passenger’s passport information from each counter and associate this information with the luggage and stored in the database server (AiP-AIM108). Once the user tracks down the luggage location it will identify the luggage is belong to which passenger. 


This solution helps Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to solve the conflicts between administration and passengers. Since previously passengers criticized the service of the airport, claiming that their luggage had not come through the baggage carousel. The administration affirmed that the baggage has been delivered onto the baggage carousel, maybe it was taken by other passenger.  Now with our solution that contains luggage photo, passengers detail, time and date that passing through each stage in the airport, which allows administration knowing the exact status and location of the passenger’s luggage.


In conclusion, three management of the largest airport terminals announced Acumen’s AiP products are flexible and applicable in large project.