Acumen In The Collection Of The Taiwanese Louvre Museum

The largest in Asia - the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts now updated and its "collection" of video equipment, fully switching to the Ai brand.



The largest in  Asia - the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts  now updated and its "collection" of  video equipment, fully switching to the Ai brand. The administration of the museum said that it was not only functions, but also a design Ai  equipment which fit the best to the requirements of the NTMOFA.The Museum of Fine Arts – located in the heart of one of the largest cities in the country: Taizhong – is not only pride, but also a central landmark of Taiwan. Its exhibits like ones of the Louvre travel worldwide every year 





From now on, the AiP network equipment is  guarding its huge state territory with a total area of 102,000 square meters. Ai IP cameras are installed in the museum galleries where the  ceilings are 11 meters high, and it is also the particular reason why this state customer has made a special emphasis on the use of AiP-Y04Z  (Yokohama) – the indoor network Speed dome camera – for the NTMOFA indoor surveillance. It should be noted that under the law of Taiwan the  public facilities are permitted to replace old equipment only after 5 years of use. Therefore, the administration of the museum also  requested Acumen to connect the originally installed analog cameras to AiM servers America and Armenia. Thus – by means of connecting the  analogue cameras to AiP-E1H encoders and 960N series Ai-D865 (Dubai) analogue video recorders – the old and new equipment is now working  within a single system based on AiM servers and watched through the TV wall.





The weatherproof network cameras as AiP-M53N (Monaco) and AiP-M53K (Malta)rouse the museum administration’s interest by the functions of three-  and four-streaming video, which significantly reduces the network loading and thus facilitated the use of these cameras at the site of such  scale. The Acumen’s company policy is that all Intelligent Video Analytics software for the AiM server is provided to the customers free of  charge to facilitate tempering with AiP cameras, face recognition and the electronic wall functions. The advantage of AiP camesas’ use is  determined by their ePTZ digital zoom and the fact that these cameras operate in color in almost complete darkness, recording color video at  0.015 lux with advanced H.264 format, which in its turn significantly saves the hard disk space for such large objects.





The America server’s main feature is the  control and recording of 108 AiP devices that allow to display up to 1,728 cameras per server on a 6-monitor TV walls. These smart AiM  servers are able to build large scale systems using eMAPs, they classify video and audio recording, provide a multi-channel playback for  remote users, group devices for large objects, support all kinds of RAID, export video using AVI format, transmit it through the Network  Place and also send events to the management of the museum by email.





The Acumen goal is to provide video surveillance for all of this giant complex of Modern art, which, besides  the exhibition center, also has a movie theater, a library, a research center, classrooms, and even a children's playground, where the  country's treasures are taught to the children in an understandable way. From the other hand, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts is the  only "museum without walls" in the world: a special projector transmits a signal to the sky, showing the documentaries about the exhibits of  the museum to the people in the neighborhood. This most advanced Taiwanese Museum, which enjoys the largest electronic database of the Fine  Arts in the World, now has one of the most advanced surveillance systems running Full HD in real time.