Acumen took part in Lifestyle Fair 2014 (Colombo, Sri-Lanka)
Exhibition in Sri Lanka

Acumen Int. Corp. together with its partner Tech Pacific Lanka participated in Lifestyle Fair that took place in Colombo, the actual capital of Sri Lanka. The exhibition became the first public event for Acumen to take part in since the company entering into the market of the “resplendent island” (the literal translation of “Sri Lanka” from Sanskrit). Although the first step is always the hardest, visitors showed a great interest in AiP-series models, noting their quality and functionality.

Participation in an exhibition was believed to provide more “fuel” to Acumen efforts to develop video surveillance systems in Sri Lanka.


It is worth noting that since the end of thirty-year civil war in 2009 Sri Lanka has been demonstrating fast yet stable rates of economic development; today the country has one of the highest level of GDP per capita in South Asia. Therefore, given a recently started transition from analogue to IP systems among local companies, the Lankan surveillance market shows great perspectives.


Despite the fact that Acumen entered the market only last year through partnership with Tech Pacific Lanka, a leading company in the Lankan video security industry, by today the company has obtained some big projects in its portfolio, e.g., shopping centers, restaurants, hotels and even a port in Maldives. 



Exhibition hall, where Lifestyle Fair 2014 took place


More than ten thousand people visited Colombo Lifestyle Fair 2014 in three days. Acumen demonstrated models of both AiP (M53K (Malta)R53K (Russia)U53K (Ural), and recorder N6U (Nauru)) and Ai (S65K (Sweden), Z65W (Zambia), and recorder D56 (Deline)) series. The model that received most of the public interest was AiP-M53K “Malta”: visitors were pleased with the quality of video image and with the fact that camera has an on-board IR. Acumen software also did not go unnoticed: professional, with up to 144 channels, and free of charge AiM 2.6 was a source for visitors’ inspiration.



Acumen Booth at Lifestyle Fair 2014


As a whole, Lifestyle Fair 2014 showed that the video security industry in Sri Lanka still has a long journey to go, however, customers are open and, most importantly, are ready to apply more professional solutions. Acumen will do its best to facilitate this. 



Acumen stays tuned