AiP-B84N (Bahrain) UHD 4K camera – more is always better – it’s human nature
29 Сентябрь 2014 | New 4K Camera

The new model just appeared among Ai ACUMEN IP cameras, it belongs to the new Ultra High Definition standard 4K (Ultra HD) - AiP-B84N-05Y2B (Bahrain) is 8MP IP camera with the built-in Intelligent Video Surveillance function.

It’s simple and obvious. AiP-B84N major advantages are the extended picture resolution, more detail and ability to reduce the number of cameras in open spaces and installation costs.


AiP-B84N is ideal for overlooking large areas like parking lots and public squares while also being able to capture fine details. Initially, it is likely that most customers will be using a standard HDTV monitor and AiP-B84N makes it possible to enhance any portion of the screen without losing details. To manage bandwidth consumption, AiP-B84N users can view the live video stream in HD 1080p and take advantage of 4K recordings for forensic purposes.


The 4K standard is defined and approved by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and offers a video resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels at 30 frames per second.



Snapshot from video recorded with AiP-B84N (Bahrain)  



Bahrain camera’s 12-megapixel 1 / 2.3-inch CMOS sensor with progressive scan is responsible for imaging and it provides maximum pixel resolution up to 4168 × 3062 pixels. Due to usage of the "moonlight" function and with the lens F-number F1.2, the minimum operating scene illumination is 0.015 lux. A sliding infrared filter ensures the smooth shifting between Day and Night modes. This camera is equipped with a specially designed high-quality varifocal lens, which according to the needs of installation allows easy settings of focal length in the range from 2.8 to 10 millimeters.
The highly efficient 4K true H.264 AVC High Profile codec is used for UHD video compression, and the Motion JPEG single-frame compression can also be used for HD image compression and for the videos with standard resolution. AiP-B84N-05Y2B (Bahrain) is able to simultaneously broadcast to the network up to 4 video streams with different types of coding, resolution, frame rate and data stream compression ratio. Maximum bit rate provided by the camera is 5 megabits per second. The camera’ network interface provides multi-user access to the images generated by it.



Snapshot from video recorded with AiP-B84N (Bahrain)



3D Noise Reduction is used to improve image quality and reduce the Bahrain camera sensor’s noise level. Digital signal processor is also responsible for expanding the wide dynamic range of the image, and it allows you to align the contrast between the darkened and over-exposed areas of the frame. The built-in IVS allows AiP-B84N-05Y2B cameras to function as an independent event analysis device in video surveillance systems. These cameras can detect if the preset threshold of the sound volume is exceeded and tempering with the cameras, Bahrain also can recognize the motion in the frame and capture the license plates of vehicles in the scene.


And it’s useful too, as one 4K monitor can display 4x4 scaled D1-size image which is very effective for viewing multiple cameras.


And if you use a UHD monitor or you need digital zoom, then AiP-B84N Ultra HD camera should be a consideration. If you zoom in 2x digital with an Ultra HD image then you are viewing at 2MP, which is pretty good considering how quickly it takes an HD camera to burrow down under 4CIF when digital zoom is applied.



AiP-B84N (Bahrain) on top of the car to take video of Taipei streets



As an advanced network device, this new 4K camera supports the industry standard for open systems - ONVIF 2.0 Profile S, which allows efficient use of Ai ACUMEN products as a part of the modern high-performance IP-Surveillance systems.


Finally, AiP-B84N has the high quality live view, as 4K is an international technology standard for image quality, whereas megapixel cameras refer only to the exact pixel resolution. AiP-B84N uses a video standard format of 16:9, whereas megapixel is a still image format of 4:3. Another important difference with 5MP or 9MP cameras is that when these cameras were introduced there were no real time encoders available - only MJPEG image compression was possible.


Ai ACUMEN is currently developing 8K FUHD all-weather bullet AiP-M94N (Mars) camera for big projects where downsampling a larger 8K image to 4K will create a sharper picture with richer colors than a 4K AiP-B24N (Bahrain) camera still with a smaller sensor. One of the advantages of AiP-M94N (Mars) is to have each pixel be indistinguishable from another to the human eye at a distance of 1 meter from the screen. The another advantage is recording at a farther distance from a potentially dangerous subject or a war zone, intending to zoom a portion of the original image digitally to match a smaller resolution such as at 4K Bahrain. Mars camera will enjoy a resolution of 7680×4320 (33.2 megapixels). So, in order to exist, man must invent. It’s human nature.



AiP-B84N (Bahrain) video sample