AiP-R53K (Russia) Became The Best-Selling Indoor Camera
08 Сентябрь 2016 |

Because of the smooth transition of International market to IP, the question - what kind of camera is in the most demand and why - has raised a keen interest...

The secret of its popularity is the fact that in R53K equipped with 5-megapixel lens and its vivid picture quality is achieved by hypersensitive 5-megapixel Aptina sensor.


Because of the smooth transition of International market to IP, the question - what kind of camera is in the most demand and why - has raised a keen interest.  After analyzing the AiP models and selecting the best ones according to the number of shipped products Acumen partners noted that among the indoor cameras in AiP sales rating the dome camera AiP-R53K (Russia) has borne the palm. This camera, having the end-user price of about 200 USD, exerted its influence on the rating results primarily by its specifications and functions.


This made-in-California sensor allows the camera to run the MoonLight function which provides a very high sensitivity of 0.03 lux and a true color picture in very low light environment. Moreover, the multi-channel view of its highly saturated images can be achieved not only with the touch screen, but with Android or iPhone. 


With its low price, Russia, as well as all AiP series products, enjoys 1080P resolution. This camera is also effective for the users because it doesn’t need an adapter - it is, not to mention ONVIF 2.0 and wide dynamic range, has such an important function as a power supply via PoE, as well as 3D noise reduction and Audio which enables recording of not only video but sound too, and it can be done either remotely or by means of the built-in SD card, which guarantees the non-stop recording. 


The consumers can enjoy the efficiency of the camera due to the high level of compression: for this reason Ai-developers used an advanced H.264 format. Thus, Russia saves more of hard dick space than competitors’ cameras – and results are about 2-3 times better. Also this – made-in-Taiwan by the international company Acumen – camera has exceptional stability and quality: there are only 0.002% of the defected products. 


At the All-over-IP exhibition in Moscow AiP-R53K (Russia)  attracted great interest of big European customers and project firms and its main reason is the 3-streaming function. The advantage of 3 streams is the considerable traffic saving during the transfer of large amounts of video that allows one to use R53K in such large systems as 1,000 cameras and more. Moreover Russia has become so popular that its developers created its anti-vandal version with 4 streams: AiP-V24K (Vatican), which complies with the international anti-shock standard for vehicles EN50155. 


In conclusion, the success of the saturated and vivid images of AiP-R53K (Russia) is achieved by the powerful processor Ambarella A5s, moreover, in the Summer 2013 Acumen plans to upgrade this processor to S2 and enhance the resolution to 2K and 4K that is 4.66 and 8.25 megapixels respectively.