Acumen supplied the chain of convenience stores 7 - ELEVEN in Taiwan
Taiwan Store Security

IP CCTV Equipment, supplied for 7-ELEVEN by Acumen in Taiwan

7-ELEVEN is one of the biggest chain of convenience stores in Taiwan, where Acumen (Taiwan) had a pleasure to develop its CCTV project, providing IP Network Cameras and Servers of AiP Series.

Acumen started cooperation with the world largest convenience store 7-ELEVEN in May 2013. The first order included 20 000 all - weather AiP cameras and Servers AiM108 (America). 

Acumen supplied the chain of convenience stores 7 - ELEVEN

Acumen supplied the chain of convenience stores 7 - ELEVEN.

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Acumen tends to integrate the latest CCTV Security Solutions in the projects, reaching international recognition from direct customers. In the current project, Ai-equipment provided a complete logistics control of the local 7-ELEVEN’s network. When products arrive to the supermarket’s conveyor, AiP Surveillance System captures and records it, in order to prevent any incorrect shipment. Once the products are recorded, our AiP system monitors the delivery of goods to the shops, providing monitoring record under the POS system within 7-ELEVEN.


In this CCTV project, Acumen provided reliable saving data control as well as multiple streaming video to a control panel of cash registers. 


Acumen reveal its first, two streaming output for intelligent control over cash registers POS machine in the international market. This guarantees the safety of the data and provides the most secure and smooth data processing. Also for each server (America) it can connect 36 cash registers - at the moment it is the best server with the highest number of channels connected to POS in the international market.


This project were primarily used weatherproof network camera: AiP-M24N (Mali) , AiP-M53N (Monaco) and AiP-M24K (Mexico). The features of these cameras are four-streaming video, which markedly reduce the loading of the network and also are suitable for the site of this scale.  Acumen is born for these kinds of project which provides free Intelligent Video Analytics and integration with cash registers.


Acumen 7-ELEVEN

This explains why our product is user friendly since the presences of these cameras have digital zoom ePTZ which allows our camera to present a colorful image in almost complete darkness. Furthermore, with color video recording at 0.015 lux and H.264 format, this saves tons of space in the hard disk. Therefore, our cameras are best suitable for large site project.  Acumen’s cameras can be easily integrated in third-party systems using ONVIF 2.0 Profile S, and it can be easily monitored with our central server (America) plus the manager can also monitor the condition for 7-ELEVEN logistics network through tablet or smartphones


The Features of the server America, it can manage and record 108 AiP devices which allows user to display up to 1728 cameras per server and also display them onto the TV wall. Our Smart servers AiM are building on the basis of electronic cards eMAP, which records video and audio that provides a multi-channel playback for remote clients. With our server AiM, it supports all RAID arrays and able to categorize each camera devices, and export the AVI recorded format to the manager. In addition, it will also send out events to the manager by email.


Acumen’s ultimate goal for logistics 7-ELEVEN is to provide each server America to connects to 100 POS machines. This proves with public recognition that Acumen as one of the largest surveillance supplier in the international market.