Acumen, Taiwan presented IP CCTV cameras at Dubai Exhibition
Exhibition in Dubai

Transport CCTV Security from Acumen at the Intersec 2017

Taiwan company Acumen, has taken part in the 19th Intersec Exibition in Dubai on January 21-23. During the exhibition, the company demonstrated new Transport Security soluitons, IP and HD Analog CCTV cameras, NVRs and DVRs for vehicle security surveillance.

Acumen participated at the Dubai exhibition Intersec 2017


AiV main advantages and features are published in the latest Acumen catalogue 2017:






Vehicle parameters












Hardware HDD MDVR advantages:























Project Items:


AiV-CDD01X passenger counter camera, it counts passengers in and out quantity.

AiV-SD1 fatigue detection camera can alarm driver if he is tired and tries to close his eyes and sends statistics to the control center.

AiV-MH1 safety analytics camera alarms the driver to keep the distance with the cars in front and sends statistics to the control center.

AiV-CTA11S-0V EyeBall AHD 1.3 Mp camera is unique for inside and outside it's the basic camera for the recording. No need for adaptor, you need power from the bus for DVR only. You can record audio inside the bus, outside is too noisy to record.

AiV-CR1 ID card reader can register who took the bus with employee card.

AiV-EB1 emergency button can inform control center (CC) and CC can block the engine remotely and doors if needed.

AiV-S1 vehicle Intercom to talk to the passengers or with CC.

AiV-DS1 door position sensor alarms if door and not properly closed.

AiV-LP1 LED panel helps to control DVR by driver with remote control, because DVR is installed deep inside of the bus, you also can see the status of DVR on this LED panel.

AiV-PT1 tire pressure transmitter shows if the tire pressure is low and records statistics to the DVR.

AiV-OD1 OBD records all the info from the bus computer to the DVR. DVR supplies power to the cameras.

AiV-FB1 fire box still records all videos when bus in crashed there is also special UPS for bus if the bus has no power, but you need to record DVR will record even if the bus is turned off.

Ai DVR supports DC8-48V, anti-pulse voltage, low voltage protection.

Ai MDVR supports audio, video, anti-lightning and power from the same port.