Moscow-Khabarovsk-Taipei Exhibition

Within one month’s time, Acumen took part in 3 exhibitions, to emphasis on the complete range and maximum flexibility AiP solutions for large projects.

Within one month’s time, Acumen took part in 3 exhibitions, to emphasis on the complete range and maximum flexibility AiP solutions for large projects.


Acumen notices that the number of visitors at Moscow International Protection, Security and Fire Safety (MIPS) Exhibition was higher than Taiwan Secutech. Also in Khabarovsk’s exhibition, no matter is in quantitative or qualitative it indicates a major stepping forward for Acumen.



Secutech (Taipei): TV wall


During Taiwan Secutech, Khabarovsk exhibition and MIPS, the visitors highly asked for our IP camera: AiP- R53K (Russia) which contains a 5- megapixel and CCD camera. Also another model that is highly mentioned is our AiP-M53K (Malta), which also includes a 5- megapixel and CCD camera but the difference is the external weatherproof that allow adapting to cruel condition. For example, AiP-M53K (Malta) can survive in the temperature down to -65 ° C and still operating like a machine. For our NVR, many visitors are highly interested at our world's smallest 4-channel NVR AiP-Q4U (Qatar) with touch screen monitor, plus it is mobility which can carry around where ever you like. Most our customer use our AiP-Q4U (Qatar) on vehicles like buses and tracks, since it’s mobility and user friendly, unlike the traditional heavy and rusty, unfriendly NVR which can only be placed within the corner. More and more testimony demonstrates these models becoming the leaders in terms of banking, education, retail industries and also received the maximum amount of positive feedback when working in remote areas. Many specific projects with positive feedbacks are experience from Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Mongolia and Spain.


Not to mention our 16-channel DVR AiP-N6U (Nauru), that operates in real time 1080p and supports up to 40 TB storage with free server software AIM and perfect video analysis. Acumen’s DVR AiP-N6U (Nauru) also can connect to touch screen with advanced H.264 format and Auto-scan function. Due to the fact that the touch screen NVR are seriously in market demanding, Acumen also demonstrate our vigor and influence on traditional DVR and analog sensor 960H which can operated with touch screen.  In the exhibition, customers have notice our 16-channel DVR Ai-D865 (Dubai) with 960H recording and able to connect to HDMI for real time playback.  Another popular model that is being asked is our mini shark Ai-Q65K (Quebec) which suites all weather condition with a resolution of 720 TV lines and as well as an upgrade to advanced SONY Effio II to increased sensitivity.


Among the exhibition the network camera was presented with 15FPS and 30 FPS that equipped our moonlight function with 3x auto focus, 4-streaming video, and supports ONVIF 2.0. Furthermore, it can audio recording and digital zoom (ePTZ), plus it can view multi- channel in the smart phone. Many international visitors mentioned our AiP- line has full and complete lineup of IP cameras with infrared, compares to other huge manufacturers. As many manufacturers that produces IP cameras with infrared doesn’t have a wide range product model for customer to select from.


Acumen’s new speed dome all-weather camera with 2 megapixels is another attraction and discussion for the visitors. In the exhibition, Acumen displays AiP-Y34H (Yugoslavia) with 4 streaming video, which suitable for large- scale installations. More and more AiP-Y34H (Yugoslavia) is being used in large project with Russian software developers, to demonstrate using Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) to cooperate with top brand Russian company, such as, Axxon, and Macroscop.  Acumen’s AiP equipments are widely used in intelligent homes that are integrated with Control4 in international market. In the exhibition, Acumen exclusively integrated with Control4 to display and allow visitors to feel the integration of intelligent homes.


Acumen's server AiP-AIM108 (America) and free software AIM draws visitors’ attention to the booth. As Acumen demonstrates TV wall from 4-6 monitors, which can connect to 108 devices that supports up to 1728 channels and multi- channel remote viewing. For storage, AiP-AIM108 (America) supports RAID storage and electronic map (eMAP) and able to support POS cash registers.  Acumen’s AiP-B54A (Bahamas) also draws visitors’ attention. Since it’s a 5-megapixel standard camera with 2592x1944 resolutions with 6-50mm lens (AiP-3F San Francisco) and the most important, it has region of interest (ROI) with 2-way audio with built-in microphone and ePTZ.


MIPS (Moscow) 2 Megapixel AiP speed camera.


Acumen’s AiP equipments are effectively used in bank industries like ATMs. We also demonstrate the procedure when the metadata functions and the warning of failure in NVR. Furthermore visitors also see how our products integrated with RAID storage and once the failure happens how our products can still record onto our camera.  Acumen display and provides free intelligent video analytics, which can be used on the road. As our E-Wall, and detection of running through the red light can be set on the screen, once the vehicle pass that certain point that the user have set, it will capture the image of the vehicle.   In the exhibition, visitors can see how our software AIM are integrated to license plate recognition (LPR), which can operated in international territory with license plate search and black and white lists for user to implement.


Despite the fact that from Moscow to Khabarovsk, or to Taipei is more than 8,000 km. In order to allow our visitors to fully understand and learn our products, through these three exhibitions, we have successfully completed this task by amaze our visitors and customers with our technology.ecognition (LPR)