Most Requested All-Weather Camera AiP-M53K (Malta)
26 Июнь 2015 | Progressive IP Camera

More and more projects are implemented by using AiP equipment. According to customer’s feedback, our products qualities are stable, and the image are magnificent and the most important it is low price.

According to the frequency of orders, the most widely used model in the product line is AiP-M53K (Malta)


More and more projects are implemented by using AiP equipment. According to customer’s feedback, our products qualities are stable, and the image are magnificent and the most important it is low price. AiP-M53K (Malta) has become the leader in terms of many industries like banking, education, and retail sector, and from those sectors customer responded positivity especially in remote monitoring and road uses. Partners of Acumen confirm that AiP is the only product line with a full lineup of IP cameras with infrared illumination. Acumen has more than 20 different IP camera models in Ai products however, some of the largest manufacturers with a board range of different models does not include IP camera like Acumen.


The unit price of M53K gives a competitiveness, which carried out a revolution in the mentality of the customers and gave the strongest impetus for Acumen to make a transition toward IP camera. Indeed, throughout this decade, Acumen is well-known for its all-weather cameras.  M53K with infrared illumination of 40 meters and digital zoom ePTZ became the univocal replacement of analog cameras to be sold at retail in the same price range, which occupy more than 65% of the market share.  Once the AiP (M53K) connects to 4-channel Qatar and connects to a touch screen. The function of ePTZ allows zooming in and out of the image on a touch screen, like operating on the smartphone. Furthermore, user can also simply view directly from android or iphone with multichannel.


"As unique as the meaning of life” (AiP slogan), this slogan best describes our Ai-developers desperately and consistently effort to fulfill the vision for Malta. As this effort became reality that produces a 5-Megapixel image sensor Aptina, and the water resistance level of IP67. Furthermore, the operating temperature range from -65 ° C to 65° C and this makes Malta best adapted to crucial conditions. Not only that, with 1080p camera it is economically efficient, since it is already provided with PoE. At the same time, with the moonlight function, it can generate colorful image when there are insufficient light occurs (0.03 lux). All this wonderful advantage allows you to store onto your hard drive 2-3 times greater volume than some of the greatest international competitors’ cameras by compressing information in advanced H.264 format.


As well as 3D noise reduction function and 3-streaming video also plays an important role in competition, which lightens the network’s burden, thus enables to build a massive system on a national scale from thousands to an unlimited number of cameras. At the same time, when dealers work with their customers, they have noted that it is easy to connect the cameras to AiP system. It takes only a couple of minutes to connect 16 Malta cameras to SVR Nauru by using the function of IP address auto setting. Furthermore, it’s economically efficient as it can connect up to 108 Malta cameras to the server software AiM-2 absolutely for free.


Malta can be flexibly applied in different systems, as well as all AiP product line, which is integrated with the leading Eastern European software developers, such as Axxon, Macroscop and others by ONVIF 2.0 Profile S.   In the setting of the camera it can set it according to users condition as it can easily switch the frame rate from 30 to 15 per second, and also improved resolution from 2 to 5 megapixels.                                                                                                        



Moon Light Function


The market for entire AiP line of all-weather cameras is popular especially with Malta camera. Therefore, to meet the customer’s demand we produce different types of all-weather cameras and name these models in different countries from Lebanon to Japan. These models with a range of IR illumination up to 160 meters and when the clients requires IR illumination distance up to 250 meters, clients can use infrared illuminators such as Ai-G250 (Germany) , etc. As a result, distributors noted Malta as a part of the AiP line, which is adequate and is applicable in any project at any level of the private and public sector.



Trafic at day and night