Transport CCTV systems of Acumen for CTC Bus Security, Taiwan
08 Май 2017 | Taiwan Bus Security

Acumen Transport CCTV security for Taiwan Bus Company, CTC

Acumen increased market share in City bus security industry by signing the contract with Champion Transportation Co., Ltd. (CTC) for transportation security systems installation. The transport surveillance system on every bus includes mini car cameras and a car dvr. CTC enjoys serious support of Ministry of Transportation and Communications and effectively develops its business as City bus, Shuttle bus, Long distance bus company and International Travel agency.

Acumen has made the transportation security deal with a leading bus operator in Taiwan: Champion Transportation Co., Ltd. (CTC).


Acumen installed Ai Transport Security systems in CTC’s 11 ton Mitsubishi buses and shuttle buses which bring passengers from Metro and High Speed Rail stations to Science Parks.



Taiwan corporations’ demand to more high-end technology is increasing and this project is the first local project where City bus and Shuttle bus security system enjoys 4G real time surveillance.


To provide the effective solution and to reduce the project cost, Acumen installed Transportation Security systems with 5 mini cameras for 4 channel security system. One hd car camera controls the saloon of the bus and during a bus reverse driving, it switches the Saloon camera to Rear view camera on 4 channel monitor. CTC control center is enabled to view all Ai systems remotely with simultaneous video any voice recording from a car recorder.



Acumen installed easy recognition systems where different status of the bus is marked with different color on the map, where the green icon of the bus shows that it is driving smoothly, purple icon demonstrates that vehicle is turning abruptly, and red shows that bus is standing by and wasting gas.


Currently CTC buses are supplied with Acumen monitoring system, offering the highest standards of transportation security.