Acumen installed Transport CCTV in Kaohsiung Airport, Taiwan
03 Май 2017 | Taiwan Airport Security

Transport CCTV in Taiwan, Kaohsiung Airport Catering Services

Acumen has supplied and successfully installed the Transport CCTV systems in Vehicles of Kaohsiung Airport Catering Services (KACS), the compnay with 800 employees and more than 10 years of cooperation with Kaohsiung Airport, Taiwan.

Ai Mobile CCTV Entered International Airports Services


KACS, the company with 800 employees, during more than 10 years is the sole provider for this international airport where it received Best Catering Service Awards from such companies as Japan Airlines, China Air, Eva Air, etc.




Acumen Mobile CCTV systems are provided to KACS’ 17 ton and 3.5 ton Hino trucks and its numerous Catering vans. As Acumen has support teams all over Taiwan including its southern part, Kaohsiung, so, for KACS the advantage of this cooperation is that it receives the full chain services from Acumen: from production, to installation, maintenance and technical support.


Acumen delivered its most competitive and effective hardware including AHD systems with HDD Mobile DVRs for long term recording and up to 4 cameras in each vehicle.



Ai Mobile equipment offers special anti-shock system which effectively protects HDD and exceptional cameras design to easily adjust the angle of the viewed scene. Another reason of Acumen being chosen to support Taiwan international airport services is the stability and recognition of the brand as Ai provides Mobile systems in the global market for more than 10 years.