Transport CCTV from Acumen for CPC Vehicle Security, Taiwan
Taiwan Oil & Gas Car Security

Acumen Transport CCTV security for Taiwan Oil Company, CPC

Acumen supplied Vehicles of one of the biggest Taiwan Oil Company, CPC, with Car Surveillance Video Monitors, Transport CCTV DVRs and Rear View Cameras to provide the highest level of Transport Security surveillance.

Acumen signed the contract for providing Mobile CCTV equipment with one of the biggest Taiwanese company, CPC


CPC Corporation, Taiwan Oil and Gas Joint-stock State-owned company, is one of the biggest in Taiwan with about 15,000 employees and revenue of 40 billion USD per year. For Taiwan Mobile CCTV industry this is the major deal for the last two years. 



CPC enjoys the largest amount of trucks in the all government branches, except of army and Acumen starts providing the Vehicle surveillance equipment to CPC oil trucks which move oil to Refining, logistics and sales departments in 9 cities of Taiwan. 


The main features which were the reason of choosing Acumen as a provider included cost-effective AHD 1MP systems with GPS location, Emap for logistics, Speed detection, Vehicle turn control. For the government officials, it was crucial that Ai equipment supports CPC analogue cameras for the old system extension. Acumen smart systems provide alarm detection of hardware malfunction, Video loss and HDD error. Ai G-sensor controls and analyses the vehicle speed and stability. 



For Taiwanese government, this deal starts the new era of CCTV technology on wheels, as Acumen equipment and installations became the first realized government plan for Mobile CCTV. And as confirmed by ROC Senate, in the future all government departments and companies will use the same mobile CCTV pattern, features and equipment.