Acumen, Vehicle Surveillance (AiV), Mobile Video Accessories, AiV-OD1, OBD module

AiV-OD1, OBD Module



  • Standard OBDII port
  • Covering all major automobile protocol
  • All database will return as numerical methods
  • Algorithm for accurate mileage. Accuracy 99.5%
  • Instant fuel consumption, average fuel consumption and fuel consumption data
  • Vehicle diagnostic fault codes, two instructions to complete the fault codes read and erase
  • Sudden acceleration and nasty slowdown
  • ISO9141-2 (ISO9141)
  • KWP2000-5BPS (ISO14230)
  • KWP2000-FAST (ISO14230)
  • CAN BUS-11B-500K (ISO15765)
  • CAN BUS-29B-500K (ISO15765)
  • CAN BUS-11B-250K (ISO15765)
  • CAN BUS-29B-250K (ISO15765)


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