9" Car CCTV Monitor

Transport CCTV Monitors work with AHD and IP Vehicle Surveillance systems. There are three different types of car monitors: Mini vehicle monitor 7", Compact monitor 9" and Traffic CCTV system monitor 10.1". The most of the monitors are equipped with VGA and RS232 interfaces, have audio inputs for recording from security microphones in the vehicle's interior and video inputs to connect with external devices. Moreover, the advanced monitors have inbuilt GPS for car tracking.


Acumen company (Taiwan) provides car rear view monitors for the most vehicle CCTV solutions, supporting mirror function and equipped with swivel bracket mount and sun shieldThe monitors can be connected to vehicle DVRs, NVRs and transport mini cameras. They can help a driver to avoid car accidents and show a perfect image of short and middle distance objects for a better traffic observation: Vehicles, Pedestrians, Parking and etc. In addition, Acumen provides one year manufacturer warranty and free online technical support from Taiwan for the transport monitors.


Transport CCTV equipment of Acumen has all the necessary certificates: CE and FCC verification of compliance, SGS (IP68  weatherproof test report of security camera), WH (camera resolution service report), VSCC (examination report for vehicle safety testing directions) and ARTC (vibration test report).