AiV-DD4002 mini, Car CCTV Surveillance DVR from Acumen,Taiwan

AiV-DD4002 Mini, 4CH Transport DVR

Car Security Surveillance Analog DVR

The AiV-DD4002 mini recorder is a 4 channel Analog DVR which can be used in transport security surveillance or traffic monitoring. Vehicle CCTV AiV-DD4002 mini Analog DVR can be integrated with Transport CCTV Surveillance systems. It is equipped with G-sensor, has 4 input and 3 output video channels and 4 input and 1 output audio channels. Additionally this Analog DVR also has 4 input and 1 output alarm ports that can be configured to trigger an event or alarm on the AiV-DD4002 mini.

The AiV-DD4002 mini Analog DVR is equipped with Voice talkback port, Movement detection, Time and Date search mode, Embedded Linux system, Double MCU control and H.264 compression. It supports various monitoring through iOS and Android mobile devices as well as multiple web-browsers: IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari. Additionally this Analog DVR has CMS compatible, multiple language system (20 languages).


Transport CCTV Security equipment from Acumen has passed all the necessary testing certifications: CE and FCC verification of compliance, SGS (IP68  weatherproof report of security camera), WH (camera resolution report), VSCC (examination report for vehicle safety testing directions) and ARTC (vibration report).


  • 4CH video local recording and playback,  960H / D1 / HD1 / CIF
  • Meet the ISO7637-2 Electrical Resistance Standard. Adopt high quality positioning and communication module with good stability
  • Speed, turn, brake, reversing, doors opening and closing monitoring
  • Watermark prevents data from being tampered to ensure the veracity and the legal efficiency of the data
  • Break points GPS data transmitting after reconnecting,can realize remote video surveillance, video download, remote alarm, equipment time-correcting, network setting and remote updating
  • Equipment upgrade:  local and remote upgrading
  • Adapt 3G network bandwidth dynamic changes automatically, improving video streaming consistency
  • Mini size (132 x 137 x 40 mm) breaks industrial extremity, convenient for transportation and installation
Operation system Linux 
Operation interface Graphical menu operation interface (OSD menu) 
File system TES Error correction encrypted file management system 
Video input

4 channels

Video output

3 channels (2 channels, 1.0 Vp-p, 75Ω, 1 channel 1080P)

Video display 1 or 4 channels 

Signal system

PAL: 25 fps, NTSC: 30 fps

Total resources

PAL: 100 fps, NTSC: 120 fps

Audio input

4 channels

Audio output 2 channels
Record format Synchronized video and audio recording
Audio compression ADPCM
Video compression


Image resolution

PAL: 4 x CIF (352 x 288), 4 x HD1 (704 x 288), 4 x D1 (704 x 576), 4 x 960H (960 x 576)

NTSC: 4 x CIF(352 x 240), 4 x HD1 (704 x 240), 4 x D1 (704 x 480), 4 x 960H (960 x 576)

Image quality 1 - 8 levels adjustable (1 is the best) 
Video bit-rate CIF: 24K-112 Kb / s / channel, HD1 / D1: 96K - 192 Kb / s / channel; 960H: 1.2 - 2 M / channel
Video storage CIF: 85-394 Mb / s / channel, HD1, D1: 150 - 675 Mb / s / channel; 960H: 540 - 800 Mb / hour
Playback resolution

PAL: 1 or 4 x CIF (352 x 288), 1 or 4 x HD1 (704 x 288), 1 or 4 x D1 (704 x 576), 1 or 4 x 960H (960 x 576)

NTSC: 1 or 4 x CIF (352 x 240), 1 or 4 x HD1 (704 x 240), 1 or 4 x D1 (704 x 480), 1 or 4 x 960H (960 x 576)

Storage 2 SD cards, max 128 GB each
Alarm input 4 channels (activated by high voltage) 
Alarm output 1 channel
Motion detection High / middle / low sensitivity adjustable
RJ45 Optional (used for video monitoring)


3G / 4G

HSPDA / EVDO / CDMA2000 / FDD-LTE / TDD-LTE module optional

GPS Optional, built-in GPS / GLONASS module
RS232 RS232 interface x 1
RS485 RS485 interface x 1
Intercom Yes
G-sensor Yes
Canbus Optional
Power supply and consumption DC8 - 36V 5% ≤8W
Clock Built-in clock, and calendar
Operating temperature / humidity from -65 to +85°C / ≤80%
Dimension 132 (L) x 137 (W) x 40 (H) mm
Net weight 0.6 kg / set
Gross weight

0.9 kg / set


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