Acumen warranty terms


Acumen warranty policy terms are related to CCTV Surveillance products, purchased or/and returned for RMA replacement by official distributors of Acumen. Meanwhile, Acumen has a right to choose to correct its warranty Policy, partly or entirely without notice at any time.


The warranty Policy of Acumen is related to repairing or replacing the defective CCTV Surveillance products, which are returned by authorized partners and distributors. Acumen provides 3-year warranty policy for Network Video Recorders (NVRs), Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), Speed Dome Cameras (PTZ), IP Cameras, Lenses and Accessories.


Conditions of RMA request:


  1. Please fill RMA form and verify that all the mentioned information is correct.
  2. Please send your product, this completed form with assigned RMA number INCLUDING your invoice / receipt.
  3. The RMA form is valid only for 30 (thirty) days according to the specified date on this RMA form.


The warranty period is counted from the date of receipt. Even if a RMA number has been assigned, warranty will only be honored if the RMA item is delivered to Acumen Int. Corp. (Taiwan) on or before the expiry of the warranty. This service is limited to repair or replacement. If the returned product is found to be abused, mishandled or altered, the warranty will be voided and the shipment will be subject to an out-of-warranty repair charge. Any discrepancy, including damage during shipping or a wrong product being shipped, should be reported to the RMA department within 7 (seven) days upon receipt.


Acumen provides 3-level quality control during assembly. There is still a probability that goods are not handled appropriately during the shipment. Each customer should examine and confirm the received goods on its arrival before reselling or installing to a site, if there is no complain provided to Acumen after one week of the goods received, the customer is responsible for the costs of recalling not working product hardware back to his (her) office and providing information to the supplier ASAP.


Repair and service charge:


Customer will be charged for testing and repackaging if the returned item is found to be free from defect. Please fully test the items before returning for RMA.


RMA instructions:


  1. Include a copy of the completed RMA form in the package.
  2. Mark the RMA number clearly on RMA form, outside of the package and all shipping document.
  3. Specify on all shipping documents (i.e. Customs Invoice, Bill of Lading) that the unit is being shipped for “RMA return with its country of origin”.
  4. For shipping more than one model, each model must be packed individually. Damage or loss of goods during shipment is the sole responsibility of the customer. Returned products must be securely packaged.


In order to return defective items, Acumen offers 90 (ninety) days. The date, when a dealer or an end-user receives a CCTV product from an official distributor of Acumen, becomes a start of 3-year warranty period. In case if the products are defective, the dealer must send them back to the distributor to start the process of returning. The distributor must fill the RMA form and send it to Acumen. Over the 90-day time period returns are not eligible for credit. The credit warranty is cancelled if the products don't have labels, are tampered with, modified or have been painted, experienced a force majeure clause, improper exploitation, operation in conditions exceeding the weatherproof or other equipment protection or a voltage drop. The defective products can be repaired according to the requested fees.


In case if the returned after 30 (thirty) days product, by the distributor, is identified as a new or non-defective, Acumen will require a 10% restocking fee.


For replacement or return, Acumen has 1 (one) year period. After receiving defective product(s), distributors may provide an over the counter exchange to the product with similar characteristics if it's available, but it it's out of stock, the distributor will have to issue and submit a new purchase order with Acumen, which Acumen can send directly to the dealer.


RMA form must be filled by the distributor with all the necessary information to help the repair department with diagnosing and repairing of the product. Warranty products are repaired without contacting the customer. At the same time, for the repair of the goods without warranty, an "Estimation of Charges" will be transferred to clients for required reviewing and signing. In case if the non-warranty product can't be repaired, it can be returned to the client or the client can buy a new or similar unit as replacement.


The proper protective package as well as an electrostatic discharge protection must be provided for returning products, in order to avoid the damage during transportation to Acumen. The packaging should be equal to the original product package. Every package must be marked with the valid RMA number and sealed, additionally with an enclosed copy of the filled RMA list, in case of multiple products return. A packing list must be enclosed, to identify the products of each carton during shipment. 


The distributor must provide payment in advance for freight charges to return a CCTV product for RMA repair or replacement. Acumen will provide freight charges to return repaired products to a customer.