Proud To Support Taiwan National Government Agency

Taiwan Public Security

Acumen’s quality products can be applied to national government agency for example, Coast Guard Administration (CGA), Taiwan Police, and Taiwan Power Company (Taipower).

Acumen’s core foundation is to improve the quality of life and safety of the public, through CCTV products

This ambition stimulates Acumen’s Ai team to always evaluating ourselves for achieving this goal. Firstly, to insure and protect Taiwan’s public safety, Acumen cooperated with CGA to watch over Taiwan’s coastline. Since CGA has been the backbone of the guardian for Taiwan from the year 1911.  Few years ago CGA brought a round 300 pieces of speed dome camera (Ai-SD85) to secure Taiwan’s military and navy.

Recently, Acumen and CGA have signed a new three year supply contract, which extends the terms of condition to supply all-weather and internal AiP cameras, as well as NVR. These cameras and NVR are used over more than 350 islands that are close by Philippines, China and Japan. Some of the islands are disputed islands, that require a particularly serious attention therefore, maximum emphasis on Taiwan’s arms and security to be ready to repulse any invasions. The particular model that being used in these areas and infrastructure of CGA internally are AiP-M53K (Malta), AiP-M53N (Monaco) and AiP-R53K (Russia) to protect territorial waters and islands of the country. The total area that being covered are 540 thousand square meters, which is larger than the area of Spain.

Since CGA not only responsible for arms and security of Taiwan, as Acumen’s AiP equipments are also be used in disaster management, anti-smuggling operation , port security, fishing patrol guard and events intelligence. The infrastructure and network of CGA is so solid and detailed as Taiwanese called them Taiwan’s KGB or CIA.

Taiwan’s Taipower, the backbone of Taiwan’s electricity and also the sole provider of electricity throughout Taiwan. Now Taipower have implemented our AiP products through each Taipower’s division and facilities. For example, Acumen’s high speed dome, all-weather camera, controller and NVR have installed into four nuclear power station and fire and water power stations to secure the operation status. Furthermore, these cameras also implemented to Taipower’s own baseball, soccer, and volleyball stadiums for safety issue.

The features of weatherproof network camera AiP-M53N (Monaco) and AiP-M53K (Malta) is three-streaming videos, which remarkably reduce the loading of the network and supports the scale of huge sites. In these orders Acumen provides free intelligent video analysis, which includes the detection for fraud and fiddling with the camera, face recognition and electronic wall. These cameras are user friendly, since it has digital zoom ePTZ and the cameras are in colorful display when the environments are in complete darkness. Also in 0.015 lux, our camera can record H.264 colorful compressed format, which efficiently save tons of space in Hard disk when facing large scale site. In addition, these cameras can be easily integrated in third-party systems using ONVIF 2.0 Profile S.

Taiwan police in Taichung and Nantou have installed Acumen’s video server AiP AiP-AIM108 (America). The Features of the server America, it can manage and record 108 AiP devices which allows user to display up to 1728 cameras per server and also display them onto the 6 monitors TV wall. Acumen’s smart servers AIM are building on the basis of electronic cards eMAP, which records video and audio that provides a multi-channel playback for remote clients. With our server AIM, it supports all RAID arrays and able to categorize and group each camera devices, and export the AVI recorded format to the manager. In addition, it will also send out events to the manager by email.

Now with Acumen’s Licenses plate recognition (LPR) system and standard AiP-B24N (Bulgaria) camera, this includes four streaming video, and GPS that can locate blacklisted missing cars. When the missing car is driven away, Acumen’s AiP-B24N (Bulgaria) camera also can report, which direction the suspect vehicle made a turn.  This system is proudly implemented to Taiwan police, and the system can easily track down the vehicle and motorcycles whose owners have not paid the taxes and penalties fees through system AIM.

Taiwan police in Taichung and Nantou have installed emergency phones in every intersection of the road for emergency uses. Once the emergency is called, which reports accident, traffic violation, or suspect on the run, police can monitor within 3km of each intersection through Acumen’s system and AiP cameras.  Taiwan police have raise a special requirement that all Acumen’s AiP camera must monitored in the dark with IR illuminator Ai-G150 that can displayed in color and also the recognition percentage for LPR must be 95%. To fulfill the Taiwan police’s requirement our Ai developer introduced a new feature called AiP-Puls, which use the camera and infrared in the same pulsation.

All the innovations were introduced under the basic company concept, is the joyful of achievement and challenging complex technical issue to benefit the society. For Acumen’s Ai team, it means not only to be successful in business but also contribute to the society.