AiV-DA8221 New 2MP Transport CCTV DVR for Vehicle Secuirty

Innovative Mobile DVR

AiV-DA8221 is a new 2MP Transport CCTV DVR, provided by Acumen, Taiwan, for Vehicle Secuirty, which can work with Vehicle Surveillance Video Monitors and Car CCTV Mini Cameras.

2 Hard Disks in Acumen new 8CH 2MP Mobile DVR AiV-DA8221

Since Acumen got big mobile security projects in the different regions, the demand for even better solutions became obvious, which resulted in the demand for higher recording quality and therefore for higher volumes of recording capability.

The main current trend on the mobile CCTV market is 8 AHD channels, this type of recorders is already used in 80% of Acumen new projects. New projects usually demand 1080P (1920*1080) simultaneous recording and the disadvantage of old DVRs was insufficient HHD space. 

After introducing AiV-DA8221, which supports 2 HDD up to 8 TB of memory, Acumen got the opportunity to satisfy the market’s new needs. This machine enjoys additional SD card recording up to 128GB and its stored data can be backed up by two USB3.0 ports or eSATA port.

Advanced compression format helps customers to reduce the project cost by providing the low bitrate video stream with 192K-4.0Mbit/s. To safe HHD space further, recording is supported by alarm, schedule, manual settings and motion detection.

Data is stored in a special Ai file system protected by the passcode to ensure it is encrypted and safe. This file system also safeguards longer lifespan and safety of HDD. It provides reliable evidence with unchangeable audio/video data. DVR system is stable and free from viruses and operates on Embedded Linux operating system.

As Acumen customers spread from North of Russia and Canada to the deserts of Africa and Middle East, this machine is designed to stand the extreme -65℃ to +85℃ temperatures in the vehicles. In harsh road conditions, if the DVR fails to work, the alarm switch is ON, showing alarm information for 5 minutes and recovery takes no more than 3 minutes, if device still crashes. Alarm pre-recording and delayed shutdown function provide more than 5 seconds of video, audio and GPS/GNOLASS positioning data with sound and image synchronization.

Many customers appreciate Ai mobile DVRs‘ wide power fluctuations 8-36V DC and the multifunction aviation port of this DVR transmits video, audio, power through PoE for cameras and Speed Domes and at the same time provides anti-lightening function.

New DVR enjoys graphical Multilanguage user interface; the vehicles are monitored remotely with AiV-CMS software and built-in 3G/4G module and Wi-Fi module, which can upload data to a control center or share internet with 50 passengers in the vehicle. Acumen also designed 8 levels of image quality to support flexible mobile transmitting of the video in real time.

Acumen has a professional installation team in Taiwan and after installing AiV-DA8221 in new projects this team’s feedbacks will also be taken into consideration for enhancing the new functions of this Mobile Digital Recorder.