Acumen, IR lluminator, IR range up to  150M, IP67 , Ai-G150

Ai-G150 (Gabon)


  • 24pcs (6pcs*4pcs) powerful SMT infrared LEDs
  • Maximum radiant distance 150M(60°)
  • Wave length 850 nm
  • IP67 rating
  • Infrared radiant angle: 60°


Wave Length 850 nm 
Quantity 24 Units 

Adjustable From 21W to 42W

Power On

Sensor Auto Control, Adjustable Control Point


Power Input Voltage


Beam Angle 60°
Maximum Radiant Distance 150M
Day/Night Output Voltage DC5V / DC0V
IP Rating IP67
Mounting Ceiling & wall
Housing Aluminum & Polycarbonate
Maximum Power Consumption 42W
Operation Temperature -20°C~+50°C 

Main Body: 172mm(W)*242mm(H)*102.5mm(D)
Bracket: 165mm*(W)*192.5mm(H)*132mm(D)

Weight 2100g



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