Acumen, Vehicle Surveillance (AiV), Mobile Video Accessories, AiV-MH1, Forward safety device

AiV-MH1, Forward Safety Device


  • Operating voltage: from +9V to +36V 
  • Rated power: 3W
  • Alarm Instantaneous power: 4W
  • Working temperature: from -65°C to -80°C 
  • Operating humidity : from 90 RH% ± 5%
  • Advanced driver assistance system , based on machine vision, which can provide a driver with forward collision warning (FCW)
  • Headway monitoring and warning (HMW), lane departure warning (LDW), and other driving security alerting functions
  • This product performs real-time monitoring of the vehicle traveling state by means of a front-facing camera and an image processor. It gives an alarm or alert in time in case of a dangerous state to avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents

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