AiS-8N8IT-12, 8ch PoE

AiS-8N8IT-12, 8ch PoE

8 PoE channel Network Switch from Acumen, Taiwan

The AiS-8N8IT-12 is a CCTV Power over Ethernet switch, which is equipped with 8 PoE channels and 2 UP Link ports. It provides up to 150m power and data distance.

This Power over Ethernet switch supports 1000Mbps IEEE802.3af/at. The maximum power supply of each port is 30W. The whole power of this PoE is 120W (52V, 2.8A).


AiS-8N8IT-12, 8ch PoE
Type 8 + 2 port 120W POE switch (Built-in)
PoE Ports 1st to 8th ports support 1000Mbps IEEE802.3af/at
UP Link Ports 9 st to 10 th ports support 1000Mbps
PoE Output 15.4W/30W IEEE802.3af/at
PoE Power ≤120W (52V, 2.8A)

PoE Type End-span

Power Distance ≤150m

Network Standard IEEE 802.3, IEEE802.3u, 802.3x, 802.3af/at

Network Medium 100/1000BASE-TX: 5 class and above non shielded twisted pair

Data Distance ≤150m
Switch Capability 16 Gbps
Forwarding Mode Store and forward
Forwarding Rate 100Mbps: 14880pps; 1000Mbps: 14800pps
MAC Address 8K MAC address table
Port Function Power priority mechanism, fast and forward, MAC automatic learning and aging IEEE802.3X Full-duplex and mode and backpressure for Half-duplex mode
Indicator 1 LINK/ACT. 100Mbps; POE Status indicator; POWER indicator
Working Environment Working Temperature: from -10° to +55°C
Input Power AC100-240V 50/60HZ
Weight 1.8 kg
Size 270mm (L) x 180mm (W) x 44m (H)

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