AiV-DN4102, Car CCTV Surveillance NVR from Acumen,Taiwan
1MP resolution Transport CCTV Surveillance

AiV-DN4102, 4CH Transport CCTV NVR

Car Security Surveillance NVR

The AiV-DN4102 recorder is a 4 channel NVR recorder which can be used in transport security surveillance or traffic monitoring. Vehicle CCTV AiV-DN4102 NVR recorder can be integrated with Transport CCTV Surveillance systems. It is equipped with G-sensor, RS232 ports, RS485 port for PTZ control, has 4 input + 4 PoE and 1 output video channels and 4 input and 1 output audio channels. Additionally this NVR recorder also has 4 input and 1 output alarm ports that can be configured to trigger an event or alarm on the AiV-DN4102.


The AiV-DN4102 NVR recorder is equipped with Voice talkback port, Movement detection, Time and Date search mode, Embedded Linux system, Double MCU control and H.264 compression. It supports various monitoring through iOS and Android mobile devices as well as multiple web-browsers: IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari. Additionally this NVR recorder has CMS compatible, multiple language system (20 languages).



Video input / output

4 channel input + 4 channel PoE switch, 1 channel output

HDD support


SD card support

2 x 128 GB


4 channels, D1 / 960H

Recording channels

4 channels, D1 / 960H, real time

Audio input/output

4 channel input and 1 channel output (can be turned off)

Sensor input/output

4 channel input / 1 channel output

G-sensor Yes
RS232 1
RS485 1
Voice talkback port Yes
Movement detection Yes
Search channel mode Time, date
System Embedded Linux system, double MCU control
Time-lapse Turn off function, time set between 5-7200 sec
Compression H.264, main profile
Power DC8-48V, anti-pulse voltage, low voltage protection
Operating temperature / humidity From -65 to +65°C / ≤80%

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